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Funding Options

We know that you are likely to be concerned about the cost and funding of legal advice. You get what you pay for and obtaining legal advice is a crucial aspect of safeguarding your position, both now and in the future. We operate a transparent billing process and want to work with you and discuss your concerns from the outset.

The amount that you will need to pay will depend on the work that you want us to do for you. In order to assist your budget, we offer a range of fixed fee services. In all other circumstances, we will charge for the time spent in progressing matters on your behalf on an hourly rate basis plus VAT. At your first meeting we will advise you of the anticipated level of fees for your case and the options open to you for funding. We will confirm this to you in our retainer letter which we ask you to sign. We require payment for fixed fee services at the outset and in all circumstances will require money on account and bill for work undertaken on a monthly basis.

Whilst we do not have a franchise to deal with Legal Aid cases, we will advise you if we think you are eligible for public funding and will refer to a firm with legal aid expertise.

What options are available?

Bank Loans

If you do not qualify for legal aid a bank may be willing to grant you a loan if there are sufficient assets in the matrimonial pot. Some banks are prepared to fund your costs on the basis of an irrevocable undertaking that you will repay them from funds out of the settlement. In certain circumstances, the bank may also agree to "roll up" the interest payments into the final payment, so that no repayment is made before the final settlement is achieved.

Application to the court

If you are without an independent income stream and there is sufficient income available, it may be possible for you to apply to the court for an order for funds to be made available to you by your spouse. If appropriate and there is sufficient capital in the matrimonial pot, it may also be possible to apply to the court to facilitate a capital distribution to you to meet your legal costs.

Client Credit

Where your case is likely to recover assets from a financial settlement, then we can in certain circumstances enter into a legal agreement with you to recover our costs from the proceeds of a financial order. Or, we may be able to put you in contact with external credit providers, who would enter into an independent arrangement with you, subject to their own strict funding criteria.